31 Des 2009

7 Keajaiban Rusia

1.The Baikal Lake
Spoiler for Lake:

This lake is situated in Eastern Siberia and considered to be the deepest lake in the world as well as the biggest freshwater tank on the Earth. It is 1500 meters deep (~5000 feet). Look how clean the water is. The view is really enthralling.

2.Valley of the Geysers

Spoiler for Valley:
The landmark is located on the Kamchatka peninsula and comprises of hundreds living geysers. The place is in the list of UNESCO World’s Heritage.

3.Mother Motherland monument

Spoiler for Mom:

This memorial of huge sizes was built in the end of 50’s to pay the tribute to the memory of those people who were killed on their duties during the WWII. The monument is in Guinness Book of World Records as the highest monument at that time. The woman symbolizes Russia and is two times higher than Statue of Liberty with 85 meters high (~280 feet.)


Spoiler for peterhof:

The place was built to the order of Peter the First in the beginning of 17-th century and is situated nearby Saint-Petersburg. It is considered to be the top tourist attraction in the whole Russia.

5.Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Spoiler for cathedral:
no comment.

6.Poles of the Komi Republic

Spoiler for Poles:

No one knows how long ago they were created, but for sure scientists know that only nature could create such a thing. Estimated age is 200 million years and their height is 42 meters at most (~140 feet.)


Spoiler for Elbrus:

The mountain is the highest point in Russia and some people believe that it is also the highest point in Europe. Lots of tourists, ski and snowboaring lovers visit this place yearly. Its height is 5600 meters which is 18600 feet.

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rusia kapan bisa ke rusia :|

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wah rusi indah ya, jadi pengen liburan kesana

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