16 Jan 2010

Amazing Picture From Sky

A whale is swimming off the Valdes peninsula (Argentina). After passing their summer season in the Arctic, whales use to return to the southern oceans each winter for reproduction. Each year, from July to November, whales copulate and give birth to their new generation by the coasts of the Valdes Peninsula in Argentina. Up to the 1950s, this migratory marine mammal was very much hunted for its meat and the oil obtained from its fat, which taken this creature to the edge of extermination. Many protective steps were taken after international attention was driven on this problem in 1937. In 1982 a moratorium was made on ongoing activity of whale hunting for commercial purposes. In 1994 the southern seas were changes into a whale sanctuary. After years of struggle, 7 out of 13 whale species, of which just a few thousand left (10 to 60 times more than in the early twentieth century), are still under threat.(© Yann Arthus-Bertrand)

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9-Icebergs and an Adelie penguin in Adelie Land of Antarctica. Antarctica, the sixth continent of our world, is a unique observation region for atmospherical and climatical phenomena; its ancient ice, which pinned air when it was developed, shows proof of the Earth’s weather that it has altered and developed over the past thousands of years. (© Yann Arthus-Bertrand)
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8-Town of Koh Pannyi in Phand Nga bay (Thailand). The south-western coast of Thailand covers a series of lovely bays bordered with numerous islands. Phang-nga Bay’s unique shapes were formed after the melting of ice 15 thousand years ago. Rising waters then submersed arid chalky mountains and left only their peaks visible to human eye.
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7-Road broke up by a sand dune in a Nile Valley of Egypt. Dunes, which are approximately 1/3rd portion of the Sahara desert, and the highest, in linear form, can gain a height of about 1,000-ft (300 meters).
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6-Village in the Rheris Valley, Er Rachidia region, High Atlas Mountains, Morocco.
Bastioned villages are often seen by the valley of the Rheris since their majority is on rivers of southern Morocco, inspired by the Berber architecture designed to shield against encroachers.
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5-Iraqi tank graveyard – This is in the desert near Al Jahrah (city of Kuwait). This graveyard of tanks will show for many years to the destruction that war makes both to the earthly environment and to humanity.
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4-”Tree of life”: in Tsavo national park of Kenya. This tree is a sign of life in the wide areas of thorny savanna, the land where wild creatures come to take benefit of its leaves and its shade.
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3-Mountainous countryside at a short distance from Maelifellssandur, Myrdalsjökull Region, Iceland.
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2-Worker is relaxing on bales of cotton, Thonakaha, Korhogo, Ivory Coast. Cotton crops cover about 335,000 sq-km globally, and take about 1/4th of all pesticides sold. (© Yann Arthus-Bertrand)
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1-Icebreaker Louis Saint Laurent. Location is Resolute Bay, Nunavut Territory, Canada.(© Yann Arthus-Bertrand)
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